This Year's "It" Veggie

It's More Than a Fad

"Cauliflower is just white broccoli."

When we asked kids what they thought of cauliflower, that was a pretty common response. When they tasted CAULIPOWER's cauliflower crust pizza, they realized it was so much more than white broccoli. Take a look at how excited they got about vegetables (maybe for the first time ever): Kids Try CAULIPOWER Cauliflower Crust Pizza

As a base for pizza, cauliflower makes a nutrient and vitamin-rich alternative to traditional pizza dough and a chemical and powder-free alternative to gluten-free pizzas. Cauliflower is, simply put, better for you, and it doesn't have to hide behind other additives to make it taste like pizza. Just ask those kids - they're pretty sure CAULIPOWER is made of either bread or magic. 

This year, homemade versions of cauliflower crust popped up all over Pinterest, and even Michelin star-studded chefs, like Eric Ripert, feel the power. Time Magazine made "it" a whole thing! Because of its texture and flavor, cauliflower is so versatile that there's practically no end to the cruciferous culinary creations!

If taste and creativity aren't enough, here's just a snapshot of the incredible benefits of eating cauliflower. So, sorry broccoli, sorry kale - there's a new superfood in town, and, if kids and chefs (and practically everyone else) have anything to say about it, we're about to see it take over the dinner table.