Seriously, we’d love to know.

We came up with three amazing topping combinations to start you out, but there are a bazillion other possibilities for our our ‘Just the Crust’ version. We have a few suggestions, but we’d love to hear from you. Are you using some interesting toppings? Have you come up with any innovative flavor combinations? Let us know!

Submit your recipes to info@caulipower.net.


You Say 'Avo-Cado.' We Say 'Avo-Cauli!'

What do you get when you take an avocado (a fruit) and put it atop cauliflower, our favorite vegetable? Perfection.

Hey 'Kale, Baby!' Can't We Just Be Friends?

Sure, people say that cauliflower has replaced kale as the new 'it' vegetable (of course we agree) but we have a lot of crusts to top! C'mon kale, baby. Let's combine super powers with some baby kale!

Mexi-Cauli Dreamin'

Who says you can't put meat on CAULIPOWER? Not us! Espcially if the chicken has a bit of kick to it like this one....